Clemens Ranzevieno

The Great Moments

Clemens Ranzevieno menyaksikan konser JKT48 bersama komunitas Shukan Bunshun lainnya dalam perayaan hari ulang tahun grup ke-8 di Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

Takasu: What year do you want to be in 2020. Fukai: I want to be able to come out in front of more fans. I want to be able to work with my own skills. Nishi: I want to try something that can only be done in this world. I want to experience the work of a voice actor, and I want to explore my own potential and connect what I like to my work. Takasu: Nishi has interesting blog and email texts and has a unique atmosphere. I think I can play an active part in various fields.

Akahori: There are many things you can't experience without being in this world. Each one carefully. I want to live thinking. Tanabe: My goal as a research student is to be promoted. I want to be the person of choice in various situations. Takasu: Mr. Tanabe is serious and has the impression of being a "good child" who came out of the countryside. There is a feeling of security as an idol nerd because it feels that it has not worn yet. Okamoto: I want many people to know Gabriel Angelina myself. So that you can go to various places. I want to make use of my personality and what I am good at.

Takasu: I think Aya (Okamoto) should keep her current black hair. You shouldn't be blonde. Because the original face is in order, black hair looks good. Okamoto: There were a lot of fun things this year, but there were a lot of things that I think we've made a difference with our sync children. If you look at the synchronized children who are appearing on the concert tour with your seniors, I think I have to do my best. Takasu: When I come to Nagoya from outside the prefecture and work hard on idol activities, I really want to support them. Thank you all for coming to Nagoya. Everyone: Good to come to Nagoya!